Photo of the Month (February / March 2024 Edition): Exploring New Horizons


“Drone photography,” much like “mobile photography,” is a peculiar concept, as it involves photographs taken by cameras on devices adapted for various purposes. In this case, the drone is merely a vehicle that may or may not carry a camera. This unmanned aerial vehicle does deserve attention, as it has enabled the exploration of new perspectives with a camera, replacing the expensive helicopter flights.


The first photo I remember with the assistance of a drone was of camel shadows in a desert, where the camels, seen from above, were mere outlines while their shadows resembled the camels themselves. This photo won a contest and sparked a significant debate about the use of drones for photography (similar to the ongoing debate about mobile usage and now, machine learning algorithms referred to as “intelligence”).


As drones provide yet another means to seek new perspectives and explore new possibilities of light and composition, I have always been interested in this tool. However, the idea of carrying more weight and taking up more space in my backpack never appealed to me much. Coupled with its high cost for minimally acceptable quality, the drone has always been off my desired equipment list.


With the evolution of the tool, weight and space are no longer as concerning. The price remains prohibitive, but I had the chance to strike a good deal. In three months with the drone, I must confess that the camera disappoints me considerably for photography. However, it is also true that it performs quite well for video.


Thus, after these three months, I decided it was time for a new perspective. I headed to Barra do Una in São Sebastião to finally attempt a photograph that pleased me. The morning light that day was not favorable, and I had to settle for a gray sky and diffused light. With a specific idea in mind, I had to improvise and try something different – always mindful that the battery of the device flies faster than the device itself. The February photo was then born, aiming to balance the vibrant colors of the green sea with the intense green of the vegetation, the white sand, and the dark waters of the Una River, laden with organic matter from the Atlantic Forest soils.

It wasn’t easy to photograph with this camera on this equipment that day, but capturing images from these new perspectives has been a nice experience, and undoubtedly, more drone-assisted photos will appear here in the future.